I had been running my photography studio for over six years when it suddenly hit me. I was stuck in a loop, endlessly shooting or retouching the images I captured. My business was growing at a snail's pace, and the only reason it was growing at all was because I kept putting in more hours each week to meet deadlines. I wasn't working on personal projects, building my portfolio, or striving to acquire my dream clients.
Eventually, I reached a breaking point and realized I needed to bring someone in. But finding the right person proved almost impossible. The big retouching houses lacked the personalized approach I wanted. Freelance retouchers either didn't deliver the necessary quality, couldn't meet tight deadlines, or required multiple revisions just to get the images remotely close to my vision.
The entire process was exhausting and disappointing, but as the saying goes, it's always darkest before the dawn.
I had a vision: a boutique retouching agency that truly understood its clients. One that would go the extra mile for them, be available when needed, and create frictionless processes to make their lives easier. An agency that would connect on a personal level.
And that's how The Retouching Agency was born.
This unique little venture isn't for everyone, but there's a chance it might be just right for you.
Gediminas Daškevičius
Founder / Head Retoucher